I’m a french college student studying IT and networks.

I started taking a real interest in computer security quite recently, but I’ve always been attracted by computers and technology. The first thing that grabbed me into this world was video games, then I discovered programming and became fascinated by the creative power it provided. The funny thing is that now, I spend most of my time trying to break codes instead of creating them.

I don’t set the focus on a specific aspect of cybersecurity because i’m interested in all of them: from cryptography to reverse engineering and forensics, web, steganography, …

When I started learning hacking, I found a lot of online contents and books but websites like Root-Me or Newbie Contest are for me the greatest tools. They provide a rich playground as long as lots of useful documentations.

What I’d like to do with this blog is to explain some basics of Computer Security in the context of Capture The Flag contests. I’ll post here detailed write-ups of challenges I found interesting in the CTFs I’ve done.

Articles will be intended for beginners so I’ll try to be very explicit and, of course, do not hesitate to contact me for any inquiry :blush:.